If you go for smooth hip-hop like Zion-ISlum Village or Foreign Exchange, you’ll soon find yourself rollin’ around town bumpin’ some of Tha Process and feeling like it’s no thang to driving that ol’ junker. As the L.A.-based hip-hop group reminds us, there’s definitely more to life.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Tha Process is comprised of Thesis, Noearth, and Thawt. Their single “I’m Invested” (I Do What I Do) is off of their 2010 EP Listen to Me pt.1 featuring a mix of sharp cultural conscience with a solid hip-hop beat. One word, #winning.

Mp3.com recently teamed up with YouNow.com for a song contest, and today we’re featuring the winners in each category! And the winning song for hip-hop…drum, roll please….

Liked what you heard? Get a free MP3 of “I’m Invested” below!

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