A singer-songwriter from Midlothian, Virginia, Andrew Rohlk began writing his brand of acoustic-pop/folk-rock songs at the age of 15. Andrew’s current sound is influenced by contemporary singer-songwriters like Dave Barnes, John Mayer, Josh Kelley (though he’s also a fan of St. Vincent and Little Dragon). Click through to check out “I’m a Mess,” his winning song from the recent MP3.com/YouNow contest!

With little more than his voice and his acoustic guitar, Andrew Rohlk crafts great pop songs.  His vocal melodies are sophisticated and the chorus on “I’m a Mess” is a real earworm. His lyrics cleverly portray the conflicting emotions of falling for someone: the excitement and apprehension of losing control, the potential for an amazing time or a complete mess. Andrew Rohlk manages to capture this trial and error element of romantic life. As we all know, it can be a painful process, but put in the context of Rohlk’s musical ability it sounds far more pleasant.

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