In the vein of hip-hop greats like Gang Starr and Talib Kweli, Wordsmith is an MC with a social message to deliver. A breathe of fresh air in these days where most hip hop lyrics celebrate material excess, Wordsmith’s endeavor to promote social values is commendable.

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Wordsmith is on the verge of releasing his new album King Noah, which is dedicated to his son.

King Noah is a life lesson album that I dedicated to my son Kingston Noah Parker, so he would have blueprint for life through my music,” he says. “Everything is coming together from the music and business side with this release. I have a style that allows me to stay ahead of the curve in terms of musical creativity and hip hop fans are at a point where they want fresh sounds and energy from artists.”

Check out “Generation X,” a rallying cry to the population of the 21st century to act now and take control of our collective destiny.

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