The music project that became the band We Are Augustines began on a cold Canadian night with a recording session in a church.

Brooklyn-based musicians Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson were there to continue working on the songs meant for the second album of their now-defunct band, Pela. From that session, a new band emerged: We Are Augustines.

With producer Dave Newfield, who is best known for his work with Broken Social Scene, at the helm, We Are Augustines quickly found a new identity. And the songs from those sessions turned into their debut album Rise Ye Sunken Ships.

One of the singles off Rise Ye Sunken Ships, “Chapel Song,” opens with a foot-stomping rhythm and thick guitar licks (both of which don’t let up until the song’s finale). Billy McCarthy‘s brazen vocals move along as well, as he recounts that desperately tragic moment of watching your loved one walk down the aisle with another man.

Emotions are high on this track, but not the sappy, roll-your-eyes kind; rather, the unbridled energy that inspires decades of lovers to raise their voice and reclaim those they’ve lost.

We Are Augustines is not the band to “hold their peace” – even their name is a proclamation – and by rights they shouldn’t. Their debut album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships, dropped this Tuesday, gives them every reason to stand up and shout at the top of their lungs.

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