With their debut album Healthy Geometry LA rockers Vanaprasta have unleashed a forward thinking, other-worldly style of music upon the masses that is turning heads.

Drawing influence from indie rock, psychedelia, experimental electronic and R&B music, Vanaprasta manages to fuse their many interests to create their own, unique style.  Singer Steve Wilkins, who’s strong tenor anchor’s the bands disparate elements, described his band, saying, “For a while, we called our sound “Guitarwave” and the guys joke around that it should be called “Indie Rock Guitar Hero” or “Epic Karaoke.”

The “guys” are bandmates Dmytryk and Desha who’s dueling guitars battle on top of rhythm section Brown and Smiley’s beats.  They are five technicians from different backgrounds who met in L.A. and quickly discovered a musical kinship with one another. From their very first jam session, the energy was apparent and Vanaprasta was born.

Check out their new single “Nine Equals Nine” and hear how they put all the pieces together.

℗ 2011

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