This April Los Angeles indie rockers Vanaprasta released the 5 track EP Effie House Sessions, which featured acoustic versions of select tracks off of their debut album Healthy Geometry.

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“Come On,” one of the highlights from Healthy Geometry gets reworked beautifully into a waltzing chamber pop tune, with a piano line punctuated by somber horns. Singer Steve Wilkens delivers an outstanding vocal performance, imbuing his lyrics with a true sense of emotional weight.

Sometimes live session EP’s are just throw away one offs, but in some cases, like Effie House, they are outstanding in the way they can shed new light on songs. Effie House succeeds by capturing Vanaprasta in a straightforward, intimate setting. By stripping away the studio production and allowing the music to stand on its own, Vanaprasta truly shine.

Artists: Vanaprasta

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