People don’t take enough vacations. I know I don’t. Part of the reason is because the standard “2 weeks vacation” policy in the United States doesn’t allow for much vacation to be taken (did you know that people in Europe get 5 weeks every year?!), but plenty of people don’t even use their full two weeks. It can be hard to break away from the daily rat race. A vacation does necessarily have to be a week long trip though, it’s more a state of mind where you let go of your worries.

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So, as the weather starts heating up and the days get longer, it’s important to have music that helps you ease into the summer mentality. Vacationer sets the mood perfectly with their laid back tunes.

“Trip” – true to its creator’s name – exudes the exploratory, wondrous qualities of visiting a new place for the first time. The blend of soulful samples and nature field recordings creates a relaxing environment for you to slip into  for a few minutes and get away from everything.
If you dig “Trip,” be sure to check out there video for “Dreamlike” for more relaxation-inducing music:

Vacationer fans in New York should also head over to Presents to get tickets for their upcoming concert at Webster Hall on 5/18!

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Artists: Vacationer

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