San Francisco’s Two Gallants have just released their latest, The Bloom and the Blight, and we’re thrilled to share a track off the two piece’s impassioned speaker-rattler.

On the one hand, you pretty much have to refer to an album that contains primarily only vocals, guitar, and drums as “stripped down,” but on the other hand, Two Gallants create such a large sound with only four shoes on the stage, that it’s hard to say anything that might give the impression of minimalism.

It’s grungy rock and roll, firmly rooted in the genre’s genesis: blues of the rhythmic variety.  While Two Gallants don’t sound exactly like a lot modern roots music, they’re undeniably staying true to something timeless. The Bloom and the Blight isn’t an attempt to reinterpret the past. It’s a guttural and emotional sound that most punk bands would trade their lives to capture. It’s the heavy and pounding sound of songs escaping from their soul.

Check out the trailer for the album here to get a better feeling for the whole thing.

You can download, “My Love Won’t Wait” for free below, and you can pick up The Bloom and the Blight on vinyl or cd here or you can grab a download on iTunes.

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Artists: Two Gallants

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