Brooklyn based musician George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow put out his lush, intricate debut album Forget back in September 2010, but he recently stopped by the Discover studio to record live versions of a few songs. The performance shows him to be equally capable as a musician as he is a songwriter, the live tracks are gorgeously re-imagined versions of their studio counterparts.

The song we’re offering for download today, “Castles in the Snow” is one of the highlights from Forget. It’s dark  synths and guitar capture the icy mood of Lewis’ lyrics. The Discover live version of the track is a bit stripped down from the original, but doesn’t suffer for it. Rather the economic use of instrumentation in the live version seems only to heighten the song’s sentiment.

In the interview below, Lewis claims that “Castles in the Snow” was one of the first Twin Shadow songs and the reception it got was what really got the project off the ground. It’s also his favorite song to play live.  Check out what else he has to say:

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Head over to Discover to see the rest of Twin Shadow’s session!

Twin Shadow:

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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