Exotic. Sexy. Pulsating. Organic. Just a few words to describe producer Tor‘s cut called “Aperture.”

Tor is a Vancouver, BC-based producer whose work includes remixes of Katalysts Agent Manipulated, the single from the Resin Dogs called “Take Off” and the Hydrofunk Records album Sub-Urb-an Files, Volume 1.

Tor also made some noise when he remixed Sufjan StevensIllinois, turning it into Illinoize.

Hypnotic is another world we’d use to describe “Aperture,” a late night chill that opens our eyes to all kinds of lush, green, organic images: microscopic green-winged fairies darting in between the gently swaying plants, while the smokey dark earth pulsates with life.

It’s the way the woods sound when its so quiet you don’t think there’s anything to hear.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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