Growing up in St. Bernard projects of New Orleans, The Youngest Ones – D-Danger, Supa D Da Boss and Killa Da King – did everything together, and it was together that they realized that their future lay in music, not the streets. Now with over seven years of writing, recording and touring under their belts, it’s clear they’ve chosen the right path.

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“Babu” is the newest single from The Youngest Ones, featuring collaborator S-8ighty, it’s an homage to the strong women in their lives providing love and support.

The song’s themes are consistent with The Youngest One’s principles – the concept of “family” is the core of the group’s philosophy.  “We are really blood;, “stated D-Danger in an interview, “This is real life. We have different styles and all that, but we are never breaking up.”

Artists: The Youngest Ones

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