Manipulating instruments like "electric pen" and "mental support," the [mp3com-artist]Soundrops[/mp3com-artist] describe themselves as a "pastoral" rock band. Really? Noting that "pastoral" means "pertaining to the country," we have to wonder what exactly is going on in the countryside of Poznan, Poland, the place the Soundrops call home. Playing "All The Time," no doubt at high volumes, the barns must be a-frenzy with cows and sheep pogo dancing, as if they're possessed by the spirits of the [mp3com-artist]Violent Femmes[/mp3com-artist]. The waves of grain clearly don't wave gently to and fro; rather, they spin about in a frenzy of slashing guitars, mind-perforating solos and passionate shouts. It's like the [mp3com-artist]Proclaimers[/mp3com-artist] gone mad, we tell you. Makes us wonder what city life is like. [mp3com-download url="" artist="The Soundrops" song="All The Time" expiration="10/31/2011" email="none"/]

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