San Francisco-born soul sister Tara Priya has gotten plenty of our attention since we first discovered her last summer. And why shouldn’t she? She beautiful, she’s soulful and, oh yeah, girl…can…sing.

Remember that little girl who was always bopping around the classroom, singing at the top of her lungs, disturbing the rest of the class? That was Tara Priya and she had a solution. Get out of kindergarten where there’s no singing going on and get into Columbia University’s music department, where no one would tell her when she to sing.

Wisely, it was economics that was her focus in college but music was always there (always there). With degree in hand in two years, Tara hopped the express back to the West Coast where she began collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Jason Crimele and other like-minded creatives.

Like the Free MP3 of the Day that introduced this dynamic performer (which you can find here), “Wounded” owes it’s origin to the classic soul singers of St. Louis and Memphis (like Jackie Ross) and its execution to the arrangements of Adele and Duffy and other single-named chanteuses.

Another nice record from a tremendous talent.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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