Way back in August we introduced you to Tallahassee, a four piece band out of Boston that combine alt-country and indie rock with delicious results. Today we bring them back for an encore with their cut, “Winter Trees.”

Tallahassee are drummer Matt Raskopf, bassist Shawn Carney, guitarist Scott Thompson and singer/guitarist Brian Barthelmes, the latter a former offensive lineman with the New England Patriots.

As a band, Tallahassee blend traditional instruments like mandolin and banjo with those new fangled electric instruments — like guitars — to produce a sound that’s at once familiar and far out.

Today’s Free MP3 of ther Day, “Winter Trees,” boasts a beautiful soaring melody and gorgeous harmonies set to the gentle rock of traditional drums and string bass. You can find it on the 12-song set they released this past spring called Jealous Hands.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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