“Three hundred days of sunshine fades beneath my skin. Three thousand some odd miles from any place I’ve ever been.” So begins Tallahassee’s beautiful travelogue, “California.”

“Seventeen, you already written your last story. At 23, she ain’t what she’s supposed to be.”

So continues “California,” a delightful discovery from Tallahassee’s 2009 debut, Wolfe Moon, that ties together old and new instruments with stunning results.

Though they are born of Providence, Rhode Island, Tallahassee take the name of the Florida city whose meaning in the Muskogean Indian tongue is “old town.”

It’s the sounds of an old town that comes from the Wolfe Moon, a record recorded in an former church turned barroom during unseasonably cold June weather.

Take a listen, go to their website to buy this and their two more recent albums and be sure to see them at one of their live dates this fall.

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