We like the wordplay these boys from the Delaware Valley conjured when they came up with their band name. Did somebody steal a Rhodes to get the party started? We also like the keyboard-driven classic rock that comes out of our record (er, MP3) player.

It’s easy to imagine hearing Stolen Rhodes emanating from a classic B-I-C turntable, parked on top of a Pioneer receiver, one of those old Sangria-bottles-in-a-basket dripping wax from a burning candle. Which is to say this hard-working quartet, with eyes on producing their first long-player, definitely have a classic groove.

They say it’s Dave Matthews¬†meets Bruce Springsteen but, with the mellow-age groove of “Beautiful Way,” we’re thinking Don Henley with a touch of Jackson Browne (and a pinch of Steely Dan keyboard). Perfect for waving those lighters (er, iPhones) at your next concert.

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