There's a bit of [mp3com-artist]Michael Jackson[/mp3com-artist] in his voice and a bit of [mp3com-artist]Marvin Gaye [/mp3com-artist]in his music. That's what we hear when we spin [mp3com-artist]SmoKey131[/mp3com-artist]. And that's about all we can tell you about this rapper out of Denmark who's mixing psych, experimental and hip-hop into an eclectic urban sound. With "Got To Keep On Searchin'" we get shades of vibes and piano with old school vocals, lightly delivered (did we mention [mp3com-artist]Smokey Robinson[/mp3com-artist]?) that come straight to the point. Though we'd like him to grab a handle that's a little catchier than SmoKey131 (sounds a little too much like your Gramma's email address), we're impressed enough with this single that we're itching to hear some more. [mp3com-download url="" artist="Smokey131" song="Got To Keep On Searchin'" expiration="12/22/2011" email="none"/]

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