Rising out of the ashes of the old [mp3com-artist]Shins[/mp3com-artist] band is [mp3com-artist]Sad Baby Wolf[/mp3com-artist]. After Marty Crandall and Neal Langford parted ways with James Mercer and then Shins project they returned home to Albuquerque, and got back to basics by surrounding themselves with good friends and family. Eventually the musical instinct returned as they began jamming with friends and before long the [mp3com-artist]Sad Baby Wolf[/mp3com-artist] project was underway. [mp3com-download url="sadbabywolf.mp3" artist="Sad Baby Wolf" song="Everything Is (Neutral milk Hotel Cover)" email="none"/] For today's Free MP3 of the Day we bring you a cover of [mp3com-artist]Neutral Milk Hotel[/mp3com-artist]'s classic track "Everything Is." [mp3com-artist]Sad Baby Wolf[/mp3com-artist] put their own touch on the song, imbuing it with their rustic indie charm.

Artists: Sad Baby Wolf

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