The S.O.G. Crew are a modern Latin hip hop crew whose music is an expression of their travels to the across the U.S.A.  They’ve been all over the East coast, West coast, down South, and even ventured out to Alaska and Hawaii. Each of those regions, with their different cultures on sounds, informed The S.O.G. Crew’ approach to their own Latin music.

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Because of this diversity in their influences, The S.O.G Crew have been well received all over the world. Their banging Latin beats and powerful lyrics have an energy that is universal.

The group has a diverse background. Members include  Dr. Robert Ornelas (aka Battle Ax) – a Doctor of Divinity and ordained Evangelist, Corina Gonzalez (aka DJ Siren) – a Cal State University Northridge Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Consumer Affairs and Marketing, Krista Rocha (aka Luminous V) – a two-year college student, and Robert Ornelas Jr. (aka Lil’ Battle Ax).

The fearless team has performed in night clubs, coffee houses, colleges, universities, high schools, prisons, rehabs, and project housing, and Native American reservations, taking their music and positive message to all kinds of people.

Artists: The S.O.G Crew

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