So you want to hear what hip-hop can be? Take one last listen to 50 Cent and his mainstream compatriots, because once you hear Prefuse 73 reinterpret the work of Epstein, that stuff won’t matter much anymore.

Born Roberto Carlos Lange, the NYC artist/producer has been making experimental hip-hop under the moniker Epstein for years. He’s most notable as a member of Guillermo Scott Herren‘s Savath and Savalas, and also produced Bear In Heaven‘s latest record Beast Rest Forth Mouth.

Epstein’s first full-length release was When Man Is Full He Falls Asleep on Asthmatic Kitty Records. After the album was out for a bit, Epstein asked his friends Prefuse 73 and Yeasayer drummer Jason Trammell to go through a back catalog of Epstein tracks, producing an album’s worth of re-imagined material. The result is genuinely unprecedented and impossibly smart. The songs below come from that album.

Prefuse 73/Epstein – “Seite Campanas De La Serenidad”:

Bonus second free MP3: Jaytram/Epstein – “You Know They Out”:


01 haunted hotel beat – Jaytram
02 learning dream – Jaytram
03 Joy me – Jaytram
04 you know they out – Jaytram
05 sleep watching clouds – Jaytram
06 passing threw – Jaytram
07 Moda de hormigón – Prefuse 73
08 Enfermo abrazos – Prefuse 73
09 Un montón de flotando – Prefuse 73
10 Temporal tempo – Prefuse 73
11 Mar del Enfermo abrazos – Prefuse 73
12 Cuando nos escondemos – Prefuse 73
13 Seite campanas de la Serenidad – Prefuse 73


Prefuse 73/Jaytram/Epstein (Asthmatic Kitty)
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