Since they formed in early 2008, the Melbourne duo called Parralox have released a consistent flow of electropop tracks that owe their vibe to the likes of classic synth-pop acts like the Human League and Yaz. Their very first track, “I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine,” is now a classic (and it’s our Free MP3 of the Day).

Parralox are classically-trained singer Roxy and her synth-obsessed cohort John Von Ahlen, a pair of musicians so precise in their delivery of sparkly electropop that they sound almost beyond human.

But human they are: Roxy is a singer/songwriter who splits her time between the UK and Australia and Van Ahlan is, among other things, a former collaborator with electro artist Johnny X (who coincidentally introduced the pair of Parraloxes).

Prior to their 2008 album release (called Electricity), their multi-mix EP release of “Sharper Than A Knife,” their 2009 best seller, State of Decay and their most recent set, 2011’s Metropolis, there was “I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine.”

Opening with the classic bang of an 80s Linn Drum, Roxy sings of her dreams electric while Von Ahlen, playing the role of the machine itself (or maybe, himself?), whispers in her ear. A perfect mix of twinkly 80s retro and 00s dance, “I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine” reminds us a little of Garbage, were they to, well, fall in love with drum machines.

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