You might remember Owen Duff as the quirky character from London who we introduced a while back as the guy who didn’t release an album in 2009.

He didn’t release his Stop-Gap album in 2009. He gave it away, but in a most unconventional way: by leaving it behind during his travels around various places in Europe.

We know Owen has a new EP out called Realitycide, which you can actually buy from his Facebook page, but we don’t have a tune to give away at the moment. We’ll have to be satisfied with this piece called “Wake.” We love how this cinematic piano and strings instrumental takes a sudden turn into a a sort of Keith Jarrett inspired jam for about four bars at the :45 mark. And we dig how the piano fades into the strings and the strings then dissolve into the ether.

Unique stuff from an unusual talent.

℗ Owen Duff