It’s Deep Purple. No, it’s Santana. No, it’s Black Sabbath gone (way) funky.

Wrong. Wrong. And Wrong.

It’s Ropedadope Records artist Otis Grove and they’ve got a case of The Runk.

The Runk is the name of Otis Grove’s fourth and most recent album, the place where you”ll find today’s Free MP3 of the Day, “Monark.”

Born six years and 500 gigs ago on the banks of Boston’s mighty River Charles, Otis Grove are keyboard killer Sam Gilman, guitarist Wayne Drabick and drummer Blake Goedde.

Not only do they make a mighty noise on stage and in the recording studio, they back their craft with the kind of obsessive tuition that spurs them to experiement with everything new under the sun: Gilman is a piano technician at the famed Berklee School of Music, Drabick rebuilds the Hammond organs Gilman kills with his chops and Goedde, a former student of James Brown drummer Kenwood Dennard, spends hours obsessively transcribing every beat that’s ever been laid to wax.

Together, the three create The Runk, their own handmade genre they’ve culled from their roots in rock and funk. Performer magazine writer Sam Merrick calls their sound a “monstrous funk groove that probably would have sent Godzilla running had he been in the neighborhood.”

We can do better than that: download “Monark” and just “get your runk on.”

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