When we introduced you to Open Country Joy last month we said “we picture ourselves sitting on a blanket, spread out underneath the stars, sharing glasses of wine among old friends and new, rocking into the night with the mellow buzz that only an open country night can bring.”

With our reprise of this fine band out of Washington State, we see the same stars but in a different setting.

Instead of sitting on a blanket drinking wine with friends, Open Country Joy’s second Free MP3 of the Day, “New Funky,” finds us imagining a late night horseback ride, maybe on the beach but more likely on an open plain. It’s just the two of us, roaring across the barren ground as we ride deep into the night, seeking a romantic, dusty destiny somewhere over the horizon.

Like their name, Open Country Joy is open and expansive, steeped in the traditional of the romantic western soundtrack and infused with joy.

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