Last year, Nashville rockers Mona stopped by the Presents studio to record one of the most hard hitting sessions to date. Get a free download of a special live version of their single “Listen to Your Love.”

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One of the standout tracks from Mona‘s self-titled debut album, “Listen to Your Love” is an arena sized rock song. The version that the band performs at the Studio, however, is a much more intimate affair with a stripped-down, acoustic arrangement. The result is emotionally charged song, with singer Nick Brown’s pleading lyrics rendered all the more plaintive.

Mona are a band that dwells on their spirituality, but not necessarily in a church-going sort of way. They have fashioned their own religion of sorts, one that fits with their own ideas of morality. It is a positive force that holds the band together and drives them towards greater things. Nick Brown explains, “it’s definitely our own brand, We’ve had to walk away from a lot of the bulls**t of church. We’re all family people. We’re all mamas’ boys. We all try to be good brothers, to be good sons. The same thing with the band – we’re a family. But obviously with the band we’re more like a family in the Mafia sense. We’re a f**king gang as well. It’s all hugs and kisses on the cheek ­– but if you f**k with us, we’re vicious,” Clearly the man means business, considering he dispensed with the services of his previous lead guitarist by “breaking my fist on his face”.

Mona‘s religion may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it seems to be working for them. The group has been on a meteoric rise recently and show no sign of letting up anytime soon. It just goes to show that everyone must walk their own path.

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