Since 2002, MIGGS has been cranking out album after album of excellent alternative rock. Today we have a sneak peak of their upcoming album 15 and Hope with the single “Pretty.”

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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Through multiple lineup changes across the years, frontman Don Miggs and his songwriting talent has been the engine driving the project forward. On “Pretty” he once again demonstrates his knack for writing instantly likeable rock melodies – fueled by a thumping bassline and lockstep drumming, the song is a perfect vehicle for Don Miggs’ catchy guitar licks and windows-down-sing-along vocals.

MIGGS made a splash with their last album, 2011’s Wide Awake. For the recording process theyteamed up with famous producer/engineer is Ken Lewis, who has worked with artists ranging from Lenny Kravitz, Fall Out Boy, and Small Town Sleeper to Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Ghostface Killah,Ludacris, and Kanye West. Lewis has eclectic tastes and can function as efficiently in a pop/rock environment as he can in a hip-hop or R&B environment.

His style is a great match for MIGGS, by working across such a wide range of genres he has acquired an appreciation for a good hook, and that is where MIGGS thrives. For further evidence of this, check out their video for “Let the Games Begin,” which stars Lindsay Lohan!

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