Marrying traditional South American styles of folk music with modern dance rhythms, Mati Zundel creates songs that look both forwards and backwards in history.

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Growing up in the Argentine countryside, Mati Zundel was surrounded by traditional cumbia and folkloric music styles like triunfo, huella, escondido, and gato. These sounds formed the foundation of his musical education.

As Zundel grew older he became exposed to the sounds of modern music through the radio stations and clubs of Buenos Aires. Experiences with newer, urban genres like electronic and hip-hop opened his mind to the infinite possibilities of what music to could be.

Mati Zundel’s debut album “Amazonico Gravitante” blends dance music and South American country folk, fusing chacareras, huaynos, and vidalas two-step with electronic textures.  Shaman chants and charango guitar loops form the backbone of Mati’s songs, and native voices create the backbeat to percussion and bass, while melodies combine Argentine cumbia with psychedelic tones.

Artists: Mati Zundel

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