To music pioneer Mark Stewart, guitar riffs and drum rhythms are like colors, free to be mixed together and painted across the canvas of a rock and roll song. That’s the attitude to he took into forming the seminal band The Pop Group in 1978…and it still guides his work today.

“I thought I was making funk music,” Stewart’s quoted as saying about his approach to compositon, “but a track on Veneer Of Democracy supposedly inspired all the American industrialists, like Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy, while another track supposedly inspired the Bristol kids.”

That’s been the story of Stewart’s thirty year career as a musician: he ravenously acquires all manner of sounds and styles, pushes them through the filter of his own creativity and molds a whole new musical sculpture as a result.

Mix in his fervent political conviction and willingness to collaborate with all kinds of artists and you have a pioneer whose work informs, well, just about every kid making rock and roll today.

Some of those kids join Stewart on his freshly baked agit-pop single, “Nothing Is Sacred.” Along for the ride on this no-holds-barred blend of funk, pop, punk and electro are Pop Group alum Dan Catsis, German electropoppers Slope and Crass vocalist Eve Libertine.

Beware: don’t download this record if you’re expecting to hear “the same old same old.” That’s what other people do with their time.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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