Marianas Trench‘s new album Ever After is their most ambitious effort yet – a concept album that chronicles the story of a heartless Queen Carolina, an exiled King, and the stolen heart of their daughter Porcelain. The album is a sweeping epic that makes good on songwriter and vocalist Ramsay’s promise that “some things are really over on the top.”

Ever After is a project that captures Marianas Trench at an artistic peak. After the breakthrough of their last album Masterpiece Theatre in 2009 and the many ensuing months on the road, Ramsay and bandmates Ian Casselman, Mike Ayley, and Matt Webb were eager to start recording again. They finally settled into Ramsay’s studio to begin work on their next theatrical masterpiece by the end of 2010. The result was something different than they had ever attempted before.

“All the songs live on their own as songs,” says Ramsay, “But they also serve the purpose of telling the story throughout the record,” he explains. As for the seamless hour-long symphony he constructed, Ramsay adds, “I wanted to do that on the last record but as a writer I wasn’t ready. I had to step it up, which is also why I decided to produce Ever After on my own. If this is all gonna tie together, then you really need to see it through yourself.”

Check out Ever After’s lead single “Haven’t Had Enough” and immerse yourself in Marianas Trench‘s musical world.

℗ 2011

Artists: Marianas Trench