Los Angeles based pop duo Magic Wands are on the rise with their fun style of sexy, psychedelic pop. Having just released their debut full length album Aloha Moon, the pair are ready to take things to the next level. 

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The music is, of course, a reflection of the musicians themselves, but also a reflection of the various  locations where Aloha Moon was made: San Francisco Bay, a cabin in the hills of Echo Park Los Angles and under the stars of the Palm Desert at night. The inspiration of these California locations imbue the music with a real sense of mood and character.

On the remix of their song “Black Magic,” producer Lucas Daniels gives their synth-pop a proper dance floor treatment with a heavy, distorted bassline and buzzing synth melodies. Singer Dexy Valentine (great name) gets her vocals chopped up and sprayed all over the mix, creating a heady rush of electronic fun.

If you dig that track, be sure to check out their video for Aloha Moon lead single “Space”:

And if you are in New York, be sure to check out Magic Wands live when they performance at the Webster Hall Last.fm Live Concert!

Artists: Magic Wands

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