Little Hurricane are a two piece outfit that deliver soulful blues tunes that chronicle the hard times in life. Luckily, their sound is so awesome you’ll have a hard time getting too down when you listen.

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On “Haunted Heart,” one of the highlights off of their new album Heartbreaker, they tell a tale of tough, turbulent love:

“You’ll be my life, when I am dead/ I’ll be you’re calm, in the storm ahead/ Tell my woman that I try to stay close still by her side,” wails singer and guitarist Anthony “Tone” Catalano.

The boy-girl blues duo look is certainly reminiscent of The White Stripes, but Little Hurricane very much have their own sound. Raw and gritty, their songs match Catalano’s searing riffs, with drummer C.C.’s heavy drumming.

If you dig “Haunted Heart” be sure to check out Little Hurricane‘s new video for “Crocodile Tears.”

Artists: Little Hurricane

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