In the winter of 2010, Brooklyn based songwriter and multi instrumentalist Alex Feder (a.k.a. Leonard Friend) nearly gave up his musical career. Frustrated by the lack of exposure he was getting in New York, he decided to move to Los Angeles and give himself one more shot to make good on his childhood dreams of becoming a musician.  

Upon arriving in California Feder recast himself as Leonard Friend, a musical altar ego named after his grandfather who himself abandoned a career as a big band saxophonist to support his family. Leonard Friend (the current incarnation) is a soulful R&B singer. Feder formulated the concept using the music he listened to on his cross country roadtrip – Michael Jackson‘s Dangerous, The Dismemberment Plan‘s Emergency and I, Usher‘s Confessions, Phil CollinsFace Value, the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell duets, and the first three records by The Time  – as inspiration for his new project.



“Everything For the Sake of Everything” is a funky modern R&B track.Luke Top adds his own touch to the track by paring it down with a deep, heavy beat and some nice instrumental flourishes. It’s a great minimalist take on the original that really let’s Leonard Friend fantastic vocals shine through.

Artists: Leonard Friend

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