When you listen to Justin Nozuka‘s music, it’s pretty hard to image that it was written and recorded by someone that was just 21 years old.  His lyrics  are thoughtful, his melodies playful, and his youth brings a fresh angle to the singer songwriter genre – it’s nice to hear someone who’s worldview is not jaded when they sing about their inner struggles and women.

His new album, You I Wind Land & Sea, covers a lot of musical terrain, but at the heart of everything is  Nozuka with his soulful voice and able guitar-playing. His R&B style vocals are confident and add give a real personal touch to his songs.  He shows himself capable of incorporating a wide range of styles though, from the gospel choir on “My Heart Is Yours,” to the blues riffs on “Woman Put Your Weapon Down.”

Recently Justin Nozuka stopped by the Last.fm Discover Studio to record some live acoustic versions of songs.  These versions really highlight how accomplished a musician he is.  Today (and today only!) we have an exclusive free download of his Last.fm Discover session recording of “Love,” one of the highlights off of You I Wind Land & Sea.

Be sure to check out the video too!  If you like what you hear, then head over to Last.fm Discover to see the rest of the session!

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