When we introduced J.C. and the Cougars back in October, we said "if country means a solid beat, a great melody and gritty vocals with a slight bit of twang," then J.C. and the Cougars fit the description perfectly. All those elements abide on J.C. and the band's cut, "Rain," today's Free MP3 of the Day. "Rain" fits into the same category as "Constance," our first Free MP3 of the Day fropm J.C. and the Cougars: it's a well-written bit of country rock with a solid, laidback groove and a slight country twang. Wilco and Steve Forbert once again come immediately to mind, along with the John Cougar Mellencamp (who could very well have written this delightful melody). We still haven't managed to track down J.C. and his entourage (and 20 pages of Googling haven't helped us track him down). Maybe a few more features about his music will bring him back into the spotlight. [mp3com-download url="http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/334546307/Rain.mp3" artist="J.C & the Cougars" song="Rain" email="none" label="JC and the Cougars"/]

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