At this point, if we see one more talking head, political surrogate in a $3000 suit or one more candidate dressed down with his sleeves rolled up and finely pressed shirt tucked into his $400 blue jeans tell us how Americans are hurting and the economy is in shambles, we’re just going to punch the TV in the face, strip naked, and run screaming out into our pothole filled streets.

Once again, the political conventions are upon us and another monumental election of unheralded proportions is just around the corner, and once again, the only place we can find any honesty is in Rock and Roll. Enter Ian Hunter.

Ian, of course, is best known as the former frontman for Mott the Hoople, but beyond that legendary reputation, Hunter has done some of his best work as a solo artist. For the better part of  three decades, Ian has been cranking out critically acclaimed music. Now, Hunter is set to release his next album When I’m President on September 4th.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a taste of it for you right now, with the title track as a free download. In “When I’m President,” Ian tackles income inequality and expectations versus reality with politicians, but he pulls it all off in true rock star fashion without getting preachy.

Download the song for free below, and whenever you’re about to lose it and explode during all this political coverage, just turn off the TV and crank this up.

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Artists: Ian Hunter

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