Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “I am no man, I am dynamite.” From this amazing quote IAMDYNAMITE draw their name. Knowing this, one might expect the group to be another pretentious literary act, but once you hear the hard hitting guitar riffs of “Stereo” it’s obvious that there’s nothing precious about these guys.

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A streamlined musical unit, IAMDYNAMITE are a duo consisting of a guitar and a drum kit. They don’t seem to be lacking for other members, between the two of them they manage to make to create a huge sounding rock tracks.

The musicianship is solid, the tunes are infectious with their sense of urgent energy. If nothing else, this music is fun. And you can tell that they are having fun playing it. The band’s distinctive sound is influenced, in part, by what Drummer Chris Phillips calls “the power rock of the 90s”, and Guitarist/ Lead Vocalist Christopher Martin points to “strong melodies and lots of energy” as a primary focus for the songwriting.

“Power” and “Energy” – those two words sum their sound pretty well. They certainly do justice to their name.

Check out their mindbending video for “Stereo”:


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