Regarded as a national treasure in the home country of Canada, Great Lake Swimmers have built an enormous following with their timeless folk melodies and Tony Dekker’s unforgettable vocals.

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Great Lake Swimmers have built a mythical reputation with their increasingly out of the way recording locations, laying down tracks in environments that add to the feel of the song. Remote cabins in the woods, rowboats and abandoned buildings have all been converted into recording spaces on previous albums.



For their newest release New Wild Everywhere, the band was convinced by their longtime producer Andy Magoffin to try something new and record in an actual studio. The results from those sessions, which comprise their new album, are exceptional. Lead single “Easy Come Easy Go” is one of the most upbeat songs Dekker has written. An instantly likable track, it finds the singer musing on how to find something to ground oneself in this ever chaotic and changing world.

Artists: Great Lake Swimmers

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