Moving to a new place can teach you a lot about yourself. For singer/ songwriter George Kamel, moving from his hometown of Boston to Mobile, Alabama provided the inspiration for his upcoming album The Great Coward, set for release on June 12. Today we have a sneak peak of what Kamel has in store for us with the single “Mockingbird.”

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Drawing influence from the like of Bon Iver, Avett Brothers and David Bazan, George Kamel weaves his own blend of earnest Americana folk rock.

“Mockingbird” opens up simply, with just Kamel’s acoustic guitar and voice. It sounds lovely, and many artists might be tempted let those elements carry the tune, letting it be a quiet ballad. Kamel, however, aims higher and flushes the tune out with full band production. When everything kicks in around 0:45, it’s a magical moment – the sensation of a whole world opening up before you.

It’s a promising start for the young artist and marks him as someone to keep an eye on.

For more George Kamel, check him down doing a stripped down, acoustic version of “Mockingbird” here:

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