In the world of country music, it’s hard to find two endorsements bigger than Brad Paisley and Reba McEntire, and Eden’s Edge is touring with both over the next few months. Brad and Reba aren’t alone in their support of Eden’s Edge. The small town Arkansas group has found more and more musicians and country music fans coming out of the woodwork around the world, singing along and dancing to their homespun songs.

Hannah, Cherrill, and Dean are all gifted musicians in their own right, adding heavenly harmonies in support of their guitar, mandolin, banjo, and dobro infused downhome sound.

Growing up across Arkansas, the trio is familiar with small town life, and the way a story can get around in a small pond, which is exactly what they tackle in their lead single, “Amen.”

“I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that you finally got rid of that girlfriend/ You finally came out of that love coma boy/ I heard Mary Jane at the powder-puff shop/ Sayin’ that blond in the tube top/ She left our Jimmy for a boy in Illinois/ someone give me an Amen!”

Eden’s Edge captures all the joy and celebration that everyone has felt when they finally hear that special someone is single. So come on, download the track, sing along, and give us an Amen!

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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