LA rock n’ roll troubadour Patrick Duniven and his band (who collectively are known as Duniven) plays the kind of rich, Americana style music that is reminiscent of many great American rock heroes. Listening to a track like “Passage to Nowhere,” it’s easy to hear traces of Dylan, Petty and Springsteen. Duniven skillfully avoids repetitive terriotory though, instead continuing the tradition with his own take on the genre.

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While much of Duniven‘s musical inspiration comes from the past of rock music, inspiration for his songs comes from his own past. While recovering from a major surgery in 2010 Duniven found inspiration reflecting on a particular figure in his history.

“Recovering from that surgery was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, “he said, “And I considered giving up music altogether in the process.  “During my recovery I began thinking of someone from the past and I started to get very inspired.  I couldn’t sing but I could write so I started documenting all of my thoughts and feelings for this person which eventually became the lyrics to my songs”.

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