Dry the River frontman Peter Liddle describes his band’s sound as “folky gospel music played by a post-punk band.” That may sound like a pretty wide range of influneces for a band, but when you hear song’s like “New Ceremony,” off of their debut LP Shallow Bed you can see where Liddle is coming from.

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Dry the River balances the raw energy and emotion of a punk band with the beautiful, delicate melodies of folk. A rousing track with impeccably lush, string laden production, “New Ceremony” signals Dry the River to be one of the hot new bands in the British nu-folk movement.

During the song, Liddle’s falsetto vocals start out gently but rises to a climatic cry for help when he sings “I know it’s gotta stop, love, but I don’t know how.” It’s a powerful moment, and one that shows how big this band can go.

As a bonus, check out their excellent new video for “New Ceremony”:

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