UK hip-hop DELS pumps up energy levels with potent retro beats and punctual rhymes. So what does he sound like? Quite a bit like Dizzee Rascal, if he spent a lot of time listening to bubbly, electronic music.

From the album GOB released on Big Dada, DELS “Trumpalump” featuring Ghostpoet is remixed by a great songwriter, DJ and longtime mentor/friend, Joe Goddard of the dark electro-pop quintet Hot Chip.

The remix is not far too different from the original, yet it sounds more like an original than a remix, however. Both versions come in assorted flavors, all of which are ultra-crisp, clean, and chunky while DELS commands your attention with his heartfelt rhymes and plenty of charisma.

Before you download the remix below, check out the video to the original song featuring Joe Goddard’s melancholy chorus.

If you liked the original, you’ll absolutely dig the remix! Get the free MP3 below.

℗ 2011 Big Dada

Which version did you like better? Let us know via the comments below!


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