Proving truth is stranger than fiction, David Nelson Ostrosser is the son of an evangelical Christian singer who later found himself in dive bars, playing songs for junkies and naked go-go dancers (and getting arrested to boot.)

It all ended in the 1980s when, while playing a club just off Hull, Quebec’s notorious Hull Strip, he found his “engagement [come] to an abrupt end when a half-dozen police raided the club and came onstage to arrest the drummer” (which, to us, sounds like something out of Another Roadside Attraction.)

Since then, Ostrosser has settled into a simpler life of friends, family, a regular guy job and some extra time to produce some fine recordings of gentle country music.

We like this one, “Check Out Baby,” because it reminds us of Tom T. Hall‘s songwriting and Randy Newman‘s voice, all wrapped up in a lilting country ballad of daydreams (taken from Ostrosser’s album, Second Hand Store).

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