You might remember David Nelson Ostrosser from a few months ago when we gave you a free copy of his tune, “Only A Daydream Away.” It’s time for an Ostrosser encore with poignant story song, “How I Came To Fall.”

You might also remember that Ostrosser is the son of an evangelical Christian singer who later found himself in dive bars, playing songs for junkies and naked go-go dancers (and getting arrested to boot.)

Ostrosser draws on those experiences for “How I Came To Fall,” a Randy Newman-sounding tune that talks of temptation (beer), temptation (women) and more temptation (beer and women). We don’t want to spoil the story but these things have a little bit to do with how he came to fall.

You can find this one on his album, Second Hand Store.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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