Brooklyn and Philadelphia  sextet [mp3com-artist]Cuddle Magic[/mp3com-artist] have just released their third full length album Info Nympho. "Disgrace Note," the album's highlights, showcases the band's elegant, carefully arranged style of synth-pop. [mp3com-download url="cuddlemagic-disgrace.mp3" artist="Cuddle Magic" song="Disgrace Note" expiration="8/3/2012" email="none" label="FYO Records"/] The spare arrangement of "Disgrace Note" lets each element of the song shine on its own - the skipping beat, the plinking glockenspiel  melody, the boy-girl vocal harmonies - and then fuses them together as the track builds. When everything comes together it produces the sensation of arriving somewhere. It's a nice trick that makes for an engaging and sophisticated listen.

Artists: Cuddle Magic

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