Bostonion pop band Cowgill have released their debut single, “Plans,” and you can grab a copy of it for free here.

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  1. Plans  -  548 plays
  2. I Think I've Been Breathing  -  65 plays
  3. Extra Gravity  -  88 plays
  4. The King of Wales  -  31 plays
  5. Red Carpet  -  42 plays
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Formed in Boston in June of 2011, Cowgill serves up fresh indie rock with a folk rock instrumention. Self-described as a combination of Radiohead, The Beatles, and Fleet Foxes if “they decided to rock out a bit more,” Cowgill does not shy away from the highest sonic aspirations.

“Plans” actually sounds like none of the above, harking closer to Wilco’s current discography with its lush arrangement of strings, acoustic guitars, and plodding drum lines.

Artists: Cowgill

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