A “hardcore troubadour” in the truest sense of the word, Christophe Murdock can be found playing everything from country to rock, just about anywhere he can rest his bones and pick up his guitar.

Christophe Murdock’s mantra is simple: play anywhere you can, anytime you can. That philosophy has landed him in everything kind of venue (from punk bars to honky tonks), playing every kind of music (from goth to gospel), both solo and in any number of bands.

Today’s MP3 of the Day, “Misery Road,” speaks to the country side of Murdock’s songwriting, a craft he’s been honing since the mid 90s.

This one reminds us of the outlaw country of Steve Young, complete with the bouncing rhythm of a freight train and the lonesome words of a man who’s spent so much time on the road that it’s become his home.

℗ Christophe Murdock

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