Obsessed with the color pink, down with game video game character Sonic the Hedgehog and preacher of his “Super Sonic Philosophy,” Charles Hamilton brings it from Cleveland via Harlem…and he brings it right.

The son of an entertainment writer, Sir Charles got a lot of encouragement from his mama when he was growing up: she’d take him to see all kinds music when he was just a critter, then exposed him to even more by laying in all different kinds of instruments in the family basement.

Self-taught on everything from drums to guitar, Charles started working out at the studio inside West Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Academy, where he still makes most of his music.

Following his 2008 debut, The Pink Lavalamp, Hamilton was tagged to drop his debut on Interscope, This Perfect Life, in August 2009. The deal went south so Charles went back to rolling his own, producing mixtapes with rapper B.o.B. and dropping albums on his own label.

“See & Say,” named after the kiddie toy he samples, is a few years old but still has the right beats and the right rhymes. How many rappers you know who can rhyme with “snuffaluffagous?”

Pull it up and let it rip.

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