French gypsy musical phenomenon Caravan Palace have developed their own unique style of music. A mixture of house beats and swing jazz, they call it Electroswing. We can guarantee that you haven’t heard anything like it before, but after you listen you’ll wonder why someone hasn’t thought of this before.

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“Dirty Side,” lead single off their new album Panic, starts off bouncing along at a brisk pace on the strength of an infectious bassline groove. It’s innocuously enough, but then the jazz horns kick in and suddenly everything goes topsy-turvey as one manic musical passage leads to another. It’s an exhilarating mash up of musical genres – something like if Daft Punk decided to collaborate with Django Reinhardt.

If you dig “Dirty Side,” be sure to check out the video for  “Jolie Coquine”:

Artists: Caravan Palace

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