Indie rock drum and bass duo Brick & Mortar combine driving percussion and deep bass grooves with eclectic sampling and anthemic vocals. The result is a sound that combines the rhythmic bliss of dance music with rock n’ roll swagger.

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Brandon Asraf and John Tacon have been friends and musical collaborators since middle school in their native Ashbury Park, NJ. As kids they played together regularly and started performing as Brick & Mortar. Over time the project evolved from a improvisational jam band  to a more tightly structured pop act. Asraf and Tacon also became enamoured with electronic music and decided to incorporate samples and synthesizer elements into their music.

Brick & Mortar have established themselves as the newest in a long line of esteemed New Jersey musical acts (along with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen and Yo La Tengo).

Brick & Mortar are releasing their new 7″ EP Making Moves on June 9th. The EP will feature the heavy hitting prog rock track “Bangs” as well as two others – “Old Boy” and “Other Drugs”

Artists: Brick & Mortar

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